Awarded fellowships

Information about iCARE-2 fellows will be listed in this page as soon as the fellowships start.

Transferrable skills

As highlighted in the European Charter of Researchers training in non-research oriented skills is essential to develop abilities that make researchers more valuable in the job market, expanding their career opportunities also in non-academic sectors.
Transferable skills include science communication, grant writing, Intellectual Property Rights, entrepreneurship, leadership, research integrity, and many more.

iCARE-2 program adopts several strategies to train fellows in transferable skills:

  • Publicly available training events on transferable skills will be advertised in this page
  • AIRC will organize two iCARE-2 meetings in Milan, events where awardees will meet to network with each other and participate to seminars on transferable skills
  • A dedicated budget transferred to the Hosting Institution (€ 1800/year) must be used for meetings and/or training events
  • The agreement to be signed with AIRC requires Hosting Institutions to provide fellows with training opportunities on complementary skills

Fellows' scientific achievements

AIRC wants to give visibility to the scientific production of iCARE-2 fellows.
This page will host a link to all the scientific achievements produced during the fellowship’s period, such as papers, patents and conference proceedings.